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Fall Wreath

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Fall WreathAfter seeing several fall wreaths on Pinterest I was inspired to make one myself. I don’t remember the total cost, but I remember that I got most of my supplies from dollar stores or Michaels crafts. It only took me about a day to make, stopping to take care of my son, cook meals, you know – the mommy stuff.
•1 – 14 inch round foam wreath form
•1 – 2 lb ball/spool of twine/jute
•3 to 5 bushes of assorted silk flowers in preferred colors.
•1 – 3 yard spool of wired/wire edge ribbon
•Hot glue gun and extra hot glue sticks
•Heavy duty wire cutters
•Piece of cardboard the same width you want your bow.

Step 1: Cut 8 inch piece of string to be used later. Take the rest of the string and wrap it around the wreath form snugly until there is no foam showing through, this can take about 20 minutes to half an hour. I didn’t try to lay the string close to the previous “turn” I just wrapped the string around randomly until the form was full looking. At the last 6 inches of string tie it off to one or two of the strings that are already on the wreath form so that everything doesn’t unravel. Tie a loop for hanging.
Step 2: Take a piece of cardboard or something stiff enough to hold the ribbon and hold the end of the ribbon in the middle of the card, wrap the ribbon around 5 or 6 times , ending in the middle again. Slide the ribbon off of the card board and lay the piece of twine string across it on the back side of the bow (where the loose end of ribbon is) Take 8-12 inches of ribbon – depending on how long you want your streamers to be – tie streamer ribbon around the middle of the wrapped ribbon and twine, making the knot on the same side as the string. Next separate and fluff the loops of the bow. Voila! You have a bow! use string to tie the bow on to the wreath.
Step 3: Cut stems from bushes, leaving 1 to 2 inches of wire below the flower head. Using your fingers separate strands of string on the wreath close to the bow. Take a flower and put a big blob of hot glue on the wire. Press wire into the wreath form in the space you made between the strings. Push strings close to the wire. Continue until the flowers are as thick as you want. Once you are done adding flowers you are done! Remember, it doesn’t have to look exactly like mine. As long as you love it, it’s all good.

***UPDATE*** 9/26/2014 If your wreath form comes with a plastic over wrap. LEAVE IT ON!!! When I went to hang my wreath up a couple of days ago I didn’t quite have my loop on the nail and my wreath fell to the ground and broke in about 4 places. Due to the random way I wrapped my twine it didn’t unravel, but it did hang funky for a few days until I could squirt some E6000 into the breaks. For the record, E6000 and styrofoam do not get along. Time for the hot glue gun.

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This is just a little blog I have started to show off some of the crafty things I've done. Some of my older crafts will have text tutorials only as I was not thinking of taking pictures at every step of the craft. Once I have a chance to do more crafts I will have tutorials that have step by step pictures. I am more into seasonal decor crafting and cake decorating than anything, but once in a while I get inspiration for a hand made gift that is a little different. *I do not work for, shop at, or support Hobby Lobby*

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