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Banana Maple Cake Mix Blondies



I have to apologize to anyone still following this blog for the long hiatus. Life just hasn’t left much room for crafting or creative cooking. Having just bought a new house with the hubby, that has changed a bit. Having a house payment has inspired us to live a little more frugally and to keep the Depression era motto “use it up, wear it out, make do, or do without” close to heart. In the spirit of “make do” I was inspired to make these blondies when I found out that you can use bananas as a substitute for either eggs  or butter/oil.

I was nearly out of oil but I had just picked up some bananas at the store. I had also learned that you can make a brownieish kind of baked good out of cake mix when you cut down on the liquids and eggs.  I had always wanted to try making maple blondies so I substituted maple syrup for the water called for in the directions for the cake mix.

So here they are,  Banana Maple Cake Mix Blondies


•1 box white cake mix

•1 egg

•1 banana (a medium banana should yield a little over 1/3 cup mashed banana)

• 1/3 cup maple syrup

This part is easy, just dump the mix and the syrup in the bowl, beat the egg, and dump that in the bowl too. Now, I have never had much luck with getting my mashed bananas very smooth with a fork, but this time my light bulb went off when I considered how to mash it. I pulled out my hand held fine grater and made short work of the banana.


I dumped 1/4 cup of the banana in the bowl and mixed everything up. It was just a tiny bit dry so I added three more spoonfuls of banana to get the right consistency. Then I spread the batter into a sprayed pan and put the whole thing in the oven for about 20 minutes. IMAG0188

Before the oven


After the oven IMAG0192


The banana flavor came through more so than the maple flavor. Not my best kitchen experiment, but certainly not my worst. If I were in a pinch for something baked and sweet I could go for it again. Cake mix is such a versatile medium that you could probably try many other flavor combinations.


Author: ashiscrafty

This is just a little blog I have started to show off some of the crafty things I've done. Some of my older crafts will have text tutorials only as I was not thinking of taking pictures at every step of the craft. Once I have a chance to do more crafts I will have tutorials that have step by step pictures. I am more into seasonal decor crafting and cake decorating than anything, but once in a while I get inspiration for a hand made gift that is a little different. *I do not work for, shop at, or support Hobby Lobby*

2 thoughts on “Banana Maple Cake Mix Blondies

  1. Mmmm these banana blondies look amazing! What a great way to make your return!

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