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Cinnamon Ornaments

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IMAG0272This year I’m giving hand made ornaments for Christmas!  Corny, I know, but these double as air fresheners! Cinnamon ornaments! I’m a little excited and my kitchen is on cinnamon overload right now.

Am I the only one who likes hand made gifts? No? Awesome! Frugality is the name of the game this year so I decided to see what I could make for everyone. When I came across this recipe on Pintrest I decided to give it a go.


Ingredients and supplies

• 2 C cinnamon

• 2/3 C apple sauce

• 1 C craft glue

• parchment paper

• rolling pin

• cookie cutters

• straw or chop stick

• extra cinnamon for sprinkling

• cookie sheets

• measuring cups

• 1/4 inch ribbon

I knew I could get cinnamon fairly reasonably at Aldi and I had some Mod Podge left over from a project several months ago. The apple sauce was scored at Aldi for a good price too.


First, mix the apple sauce with the cinnamon. You will need to more or less press the cinnamon into the apple sauce due to the hydrophobic nature of the cinnamon.  Then mix in the glue. Everything will be on the dry side,  so don’t worry if it looks a bit crumbly. I added a little bit of water to mine to get the dough to stick together when pressed together. Let sit for one hour.


After one hour


Preheat oven to 200° F. After having let the dough sit, take a small portion and knead it until a smoothish, workable consistency.  Then roll out to 1/4 inch thickness.


Rolling with a fondant roller

Then use cookie cutters to cut out the desired shapes.


Then use a straw or a chopstick to make a hole for hanging later.


Place on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and place in an preheated oven.


Bake for one hour then flip. They will not be very hot, I was able to flip the ornaments with my fingers.



After you flip them, bake again for another hour. This is where I deviated from the directions. After the second hour my ornaments still felt soft (probably from the water I added) so I flipped them over again and repeated the baking and flipping process at thirty minute intervals.

I cut several inches of ribbon and put through the holes in top. I don’t remember how long they were but I wanted it to be long enough to hang down a bit from the branches of a tree.

I let my ornaments rest for a couple of weeks before painting.  This wasn’t necessary,  but you know how things are in December.  I was painting them last minute so I stuck with a very basic color palette. Craftsmart Holiday Red, Black, and White. In addition to being a time saver, I felt that it gave them a classic Christmas feel.


IMAG0272There we are!  Unique gifts for everyone without breaking the bank.  Every one who received them loved the cinnamon scent. I’m thinking of making a garland or something next year with this recipe.

Author: ashiscrafty

This is just a little blog I have started to show off some of the crafty things I've done. Some of my older crafts will have text tutorials only as I was not thinking of taking pictures at every step of the craft. Once I have a chance to do more crafts I will have tutorials that have step by step pictures. I am more into seasonal decor crafting and cake decorating than anything, but once in a while I get inspiration for a hand made gift that is a little different. *I do not work for, shop at, or support Hobby Lobby*

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