Ash is crafty

Crafty moments of a 29 year old wife and mother who is fortunate enough to work in a craft store!


I’m just your average Jane. I’m a working wife and mother, and like any woman I need a little time to myself every now and again. A lot of the time when I get ‘me time’ I get a hot bath and a glass of wine or I craft. Luckily I work in a craft store and get a discount on crafting supplies! After I started my current job I broke down and started looking at Pinterest and started an account. I have had some inspiration here and there and I lot more crafts I would love to try and put my own spin on. I also like to share my ideas, and that’s why I started this little blog. I can link a post on Facebook, or pin my crafts to Pinterest and others will hopefully be inspired as well.
I LOVE personalized things and I’m big on seasonal crafting, sometimes out if necessity. The first year my husband and I lived together we were so broke that most of our Christmas decorations were from the dollar store or put together with supplies from the dollar store, but that’s alright, nobody else has decorations like them.
Recently I’ve gotten the idea of ‘upcycling’ into my head. There was a time in America that we didn’t live in a “throw away” society and things were made to last. “The old that is strong does not wither” -J.R.R. Tolkien. I fully believe this, just watch Antiques Roadshow or American Pickers and see all of the old treasures that they find and can be cleaned up or re-purposed. Be it a plate and tea cup cake stand or a glass swizzle stick wind chime, it feels good to give new life to old things.

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