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Hair Bow Holder

Hair Bow Holder
As promised, here is the second post for November! I was blessed with a bouncing baby boy, but Auntie still understands that when little girls and their hair are involved, there is never a hair band, clip, or scrunchie when you need one. I decided that this Christmas my girlies needed someplace that their mommies could find hair stuff when needed.
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Platform Wedge Flip-Flops

Platform Flip-Flops

Some months back I found another craft site much like Pinterest, called Craftgawker. It is like Pinterest in that many craft posts are collected from craft blogs (or food blogs, or design blogs) from around the Internet and you can save them for later. The first day I looked at it I found a picture of platform flip flops. Being a southern girl, I know that flip-flops are essential during summer, so I made a mental note. Once the plain flip-flops came back at work I grabbed a few pairs and got busy. Continue reading